Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

This site displays the terms and conditions under which we provide our services to our customers on the Internet by using this site, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as detailed below:

1. Reservation

All information and data of the reservation is the responsibility of the person who made the reservation and Ejazzatravel is not responsible for any errors related to the data, dates or travel destinations.

When requesting a refund or change, you can send a copy of the ticket and your request via WhatsApp number 90956788.

2. Travel Documents

It is the responsibility of the traveler to have all the documents required by the country traveling, including the validity of the passport, any type of visa required, hotel reservations, health or financial conditions, and any other requirements, and Ejazzatravel has no responsibility in this regard.

3. Ensure any type of visa is needed for your trip.

4. Cancelation charges 20 KWD for each refundable ticket in addition to the airline fees.

5. Flight cancelation for any reason 10 KWD service charge for each ticket.

6. Reissue fees 20 KWD for each ticket in addition to airline fees if any required reason for reissue.

7. Modification and change date only through Ejazza travels to avoid other fees.

8. Please be at the boarding gate before 4 hours your scheduled time of departure.

9. Confirm your flight timing 24 hours before flight departure​.

10. Change or cancellation of reservation 72 hours before flight departure.

11. Ejazza Travel is will not be responsible for any baggage related disputes (PC, KG) that might change bases on the airline, contact the airline for baggage details.

12. Ejazzatravel is not responsible for the requirements of Covid-19.

13. Unused tickets

- If you are not using your ticket, please notify ejazzatravel via email or WhatsApp

- ejazzatravel has the right to cancel the unused ticket and refund the taxes after 9 months from the issuing date.

14. Refund will be processed within 7 working days of receiving the credit memo from the airline or hotel agent.

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This site is subject to the General Administration of Civil Aviation in the State of Kuwait.